Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jay Adams, Skye Allen, Quik Kash, Mic G- What A Night (Audio) D/L


Title: What A Night
Artists: Jay Adams, Skye Allen, Quik Kash, Mic G
Album: Leaderboard Thursdays
Affiliations: Leaderboard/GRAM Game Entertainment
Produced by: Skye Allen
Written by: J. Adams, D. Davenport, A. Jones, M. Grayer
Engineered and Mixed by: J. Adams, D. Davenport
Cover Model: Raven B
Photo by: Raven B
Cover Art by: JB

Here We Go Again. Another Leaderboard Thursday, and this week is featuring the whole camp! this song includes YOURES TURELY Quik Kash, Skye Allen, Mic G, And Jay Adams. This One Of The Dopest Songs Were Released Yet. SO as we drop heat for yall to listen to i hope you guys enjoy! download, comment , tweet it, retweet it, all that! LBxGGxTS !
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