Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Here's the 2nd Solo Mixtape from Fade entitled "E.M.C.E.E" which stands for Every Musician Can Easily Express.. Check it out

Stackdough- Chamagne Diet ( Produced by Sledgren)

"Champagne Diet" by Stackdough produced by Sledgren off my upcoming EP entitled "1ne 9ine 8ight 5ive"

The Academy presents #ItsOn, featuring Mahd, A.Will, and ART.

The Academy presents their debut single, #ItsOn, featuring Mahd, A.Will, and ART.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Darren J- Lovely (Acoustic)

Detroit has more to offer than just rap and hip hop, there's also a lot of R&B talent as well. One artist known as Darren J has been quietly recording music for all types displaying his diversity as an artist before exploding on the scene in 2011 with the release of his new single "Slow" which will appear on his fourthcoming album "Defiance". With a mixtape in the works and an already impressive EP entitled "Preview" available on Darren J is headed in a good direction.

Here is an unreleased acoustic cut called "Lovely" that dropped this week. Visit for others material from the artist and follow him on twitter

Dusty McFly - Twerkin

The anticipation is still building for the release of perhaps the biggest project to come out of Detroit in some time "Buffies & Benihanas". Every track leaked from artist Dusty McFly has the streets buzzing as he has garnered a following from the steets, the women, and the hip hop lovers of the state and more. With no set release date yet, with the right moves Dusty McFly may be on track to put Detroit back in the music forefront.