Monday, August 23, 2010

Model Call "Cocky & Arrogant" Video Shoot

New Detroit Music Sensation Gaining Buzz on the Internet

The next step is bringing the music to life in the form of a video, models needed

Detroit— Packed with heavy-hitters on the rap scene, new Detroit artist Richard “Off-Rip” Hairston releases his new single “Cocky and Arrogant” featuring Royce Da 5’9”, Joe Budden and FranChize produced by Adrian “Ace” Holman. Within one week, the single was featured on more than 100 sites. Now it is time to see what buzz the video can generate.

Today, there will be a model casting call at Play by Play Sports Bar (1315 Broadway) from 6-8 p.m. for the video that will be shot this Thursday, August 26th at 16955 West 12 Mile Road at 2 p.m. All female models are welcome to try out for the main females in the video, yet all are welcome for the party scene in the video Thursday.

Witty, clever use of similes and metaphors and wordplay with compound rhyming i.e. I’m colder than Mr. freeze, on Christmas Eve/ Outside when it’s six degrees…” said Off-Rip when asked how he would describe his style and what makes him unique.

This video will further launch this new rap sensation. Off-Rip’s marketing team has launched an organic marketing campaign that includes bloggers, community outreach and shows where people can actually see him perform. His first single was released on his very own site, With the single being featured on 100+ sites thus far, it is only natural that the momentum continues. The video for “Cocky and Arrogant” along with his first, solo, 5-song EP will do just that.

While he is a direct affiliate of Detroit’s own District 81 and has gained respect on the Detroit party scene, he is presenting another layer of who he is in the form of a hip hop artist. Off-Rip is up and coming, and is gaining buzz at an alarming rate. He is hitting the music scene in Detroit as it begins to look up with recent major deals being signed, but it is a must for the buzz to continue.

About Off-Rip

Richard “Off-Rip” Hairston was born and raised on Detroit’s Westside. He began writing as an outlet, and soon this hobby turned into a viable career with the support of his friends and family. Idolizing rap moguls like Jay-Z and Eminem, Off-Rip has learned much about the rap game, writing, and even connecting, from the best. For more information about Off-Rip and to hear some of his music, and follow him at

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